Thursday, February 21, 2013

"60 Minute Man"

I wrote "60 Minute Man" as a somewhat humorous, loving, and erotic spin, on what to do while you and your spouse are waiting for Viagra or any other pill to work on the male organ. There are many ways and things to do while a couple is waiting. A man at times just wants his few minutes and he is done and off to something else. But a woman needs a lot more foreplay, love, caressing, caring, touching, and just some real loving conversation. Just one example would be to have him take the little blue pill, and while you are waiting, start a nice romantic fire on the hearth, turn the lights low, have some very soft romantic music playing, lightly touch him and have him lightly caress you, make sure he keeps his attention on you, just start progressing into more intimate foreplay......and well, before you know it, the time will be right and well....the rest is just a natural bodily reaction to what is going on. AHH....Satisfaction. Now this is just one of hundreds of situations and playful suggestions that could happen.


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